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   A life story of a Korea Revel
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  Nym Wales.
  Notes on korea and the life of Kim San
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  Dea-sook suh.
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  Nym Wales and Kim San, Song of Ariran:
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  [ georve o. totten _foreword ]

  Nym Wales Song of Ariran, recuerdo, 1990
  (storrs connecticut: ilpyong kim`s collection, 1990

  Nym Wales,
  long thougnt about Kim San of jsong of ariran
 (storrs connecticut: ilpyong kim`s Collection 1990)

  Ko eun,
  Kim Sung Sook
  (Storrs, Connecticut: Ilpyong kim`s Collection,1990)-Unpublished

  Nym Wales, Preface to the Korean Translation
  ( clinton, maryland: k.w rowe`s collecton.1991)

  Nym Wales,
  A Letter to K,W.Rowe
  ( Clinton, Maryland: K.W Rowe`s Collecton.1991.10.28)

  John Byron and Robert Pack,
  The Claws of the Dragon: Kang Sheng:
  The Evil Genius Behind Mao-and His Legacy df Terror in people`s   China
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   Sunki Baik, A Critical Reflection on Song of Arirang
   (Frederidkburg, Virgina: The Journal of Modern Korean Studies
   vol.5, August 1993)






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